52 Alderley Rd, ‘Time for Take Off’

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52 Alderley Rd, ‘Time for Take Off’

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We were absolutely delighted to be involved in our client’s from 52 Alderley Road’s 1st year celebratory event ‘Time for Take Off’. www.52alderleyroad.co.uk

The client had chosen Concorde Conference Centre, which was obviously a fantastic choice based on the theme!

As anyone who has ever worked with Cheshire Cat Events will know, we love a good theme to get our teeth into! So we had endless ideas to turn this theme into a soaring success!

In the drinks reception area, which was underneath the nose of concorde, we created a company branded check-in desk, a company branded bar, a series of airport signs, to bring the theme to life and we had some aerial artistes entertaining guests as they poured champagne for guests whilst suspended in the air! So the theme came alive as soon as guests arrived!

Moving into the main space, we decorated tables and chairs in company colours and had colour change LED table centres which complimented the industrial feel of the space. We had designed invitations as boarding passes, menus as passports and name places as luggage tags to enhance the theme. We designed a giant destination map highlighting the different locations of our client’s private hospitals currently across the world. Then the main feature in the main space was a 6m x 4m giant LED screen, on which we designed and created a powerful take off video to give a simulator feel to the beginning of the night and literally start the night with a supersonic Take Off, at which point our band kicked straight in with ‘Come Fly with Me’ as starters were served!

The rest of the evening was a real success and guests gave generously to a raffle and auction for the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.

We thoroughly enjoyed helping our clients to put on an event to totally impress all of their guests!


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