Cheshire Cat Events – creating purrrfect events for over half a decade What’s our secret?

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Cheshire Cat Events – creating purrrfect events for over half a decade What’s our secret?

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Quite honestly, it’s our laid back, yet absolutely meticulous approach to your event! Plus our 100% dedication to every event in a personal and bespoke manner…we do not have any standardised proposals (or events!) ….And without singing our own praises too much, we think this is a winning combination. We are ridiculously thorough prior to your event but very calm and in control on the day! And this is not to mention our creativity and 12 years working in the super world that is corporate events, private parties and weddings!

Founder of Cheshire Cat Events, Harriet Hill set out in the world of events 12 years ago working for a successful teambuilding company and then moved on to work for a fabulous event management company in Manchester. “I have loved every minute of my time in events…I used to love working on the big company fun days back in the early days and got the chance to work on some wonderfully high profile events at the second company I went to work for and the reason I set up Cheshire Cat Events was due to being unfortunately made redundant as the credit crunch hit……but (although a brave….or some may have considered it a foolish move) this turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I have continued to carry my enthusiasm and creativity from my early days in events and I have always been a ‘people person’ so just love working side by side with all of my lovely clients and seeing the delight on their faces on the day of their event, whether a seamless corporate event, a fabulous birthday party or a gorgeous wedding, ensuring my clients have th best event they possibly could is always my mission. I am very lucky to enjoy my job so much and have such an amazing team around me on my events that I know will deliver perfectly every time!”

Throughout the last six years our events have spanned Masquerade Balls, Roaring Twenties, Medieval Banquets, James Bond Themes, 60’s, 80’s, Winter Wonderlands, American & Russian Themes, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Vintage Tea Parties, Under the Sea, and of course several Alice in Wonderland themes….to mention but a few!

We continually research the latest event trends alongside fun and exciting entertainment options and surprises to guarantee guests leave every event with a lasting memory!

“It’s difficult to talk in detail about what we have done in the past 5 ½ years without sounding self-indulgent, but to be honest I am proud of everything Cheshire Cat Events has achieved so far and look forward to continuing to grow and work alongside more wonderful clients, helping them to achieve everything they imagine when they first begin to think of their event!” says Harriet.

What are you waiting for? Delve into our fountain of event knowledge and let’s absolutely smash your next event together!!

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